Am. GCH Alpha's The Conquistador RA ROM TDI BFL-1 LC-10D "boss"

When breeding for a “correct” Doberman, I look for a lot of things, including “Square proportions”.  Locking in square proportions is a big deal to me as 90%+ of the Dobermans showing are rectangle (longer in length than height). 

Boss was known to be super clean mover, tight bodied and never put his foot wrong. It’s imperative that when you breed, you look for attributes like that to hopefully get those important traits.

Boss was a very well accomplished Doberman that offered many valuable traits that I wanted to tie into my bloodline. Great temperament, he’s a ROM recipient and produced quite well with many champions. I really enjoyed seeing his personality when I got to meet him. Oh yeah… at 8 years old, he sired Puma’a litter and we had 14 puppies!

Boiss is also a BFL-1, meaning is parents both lived to be 10 years old or older.  Boss also has his longevity certificate for reaching 10 years old as well.

His latest breeding accomplishment was producing the 2019 DPCA Top 20 Winner.