Krimson's Matriarch, Emmy
My breeding program all started with her, Emmy.

We are located in Louisville, KY with the privilege of being in the city yet we are tucked away on private party surrounded by 4 acres of woods and land with no neighbors. It’s a beautiful setting for our family and dogs with plenty of space for our Dobermans to explore and exercise!

Our Dobermans are the result of careful selective-breeding which has been done for over many generations and decades.   Krimson Dobermans is proud to have some of the best bloodlines in the breed, representing the top winning dogs, bitches and producers the breed has ever had.

We believe in having the complete Doberman, embodying the proper temperament which makes the Doberman who they really are.  Proper socialization and care begins at day 1, with an emphasis of early neurological stimulation.

A healthy Doberman should always be a main goal for any breeder.  That being said, we take extra measures by doing routine health checkups to determine any possible genetic issue on our dogs. We x-ray our dog’s hips and elbows at 2 years old through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), check their heart through 24 hour holter testing and as well as DNA testing for Genotype (Color Inheritance), DCM gene identification, vWD, and Congenital Vestibular Disease (Dings) etc,.  Because we breed for ourselves to keep puppies to represent the next generation at Krimson Dobermans, it’s another reason whywe take no short cuts on our dogs, period.

Our Dobermans are raised in our home as our companions first, show dog second!  

Because Dobermans are a “Working Breed”, we invest countless hours to provide the exercise and attention they need and require.  We want our dogs to look like show dogs ready for the ring, even when they are retired.   To us, there’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy, happy and well-conditioned  Doberman.

When we have puppies, we are extremely selective where our puppies go.  We have a Puppy Application on our website that is required for anyone interesting in a Krimson Doberman.  We also have legal contracts as well, to protect us as breeders and ultimately avoid problematic situations from possibly occurring.  We don’t like contracts but after many years of being lied to and misled, we have no choice but to tighten our procedures.


Finding the right puppy from the right breeder is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s very challenging and unfortunate the really good breeders are so rare. 

You don’t have to look any further! I am not just a breeder, I am a Doberman advocate and we take no short cuts when breeding and raising our dogs.  I am also readily available (anytime!), as I mentor to all my puppy buyers for life!

For myself, I breed with a passion to pro-create amazing Dobermans. It’s truly an art, that takes many years to learn based on studying pedigrees, bloodlines, dogs’ characteristics and conformation/structure. 

When I breed, which is not all the time, I carefully select the parents based on scientific and educated guesses of genetics and phenotype (how they look). Nothing is left out, we look for color genotype (avoiding diluted colors), sound temperament, health, conformation and the complete package. It’s what every breeder should do, to continue the legacy of our breed and to improve it.

Our puppies are born indoors with 24/7 care. (We never have the puppies born and raised outside!, however on nice weather days, they do get fresh air and sunshine)

We always have the whelping box and whelping room ready before the due date to introduce the mother to her new spot when she has the pups! 

When the mother is in labor, all our hands are on deck! We are there every step of the way to make sure both mom and the new puppies are fine throughout the labor and birthing process!

When the pups are born, we use room thermometers to ensure proper warmth for our pups, equipped with wifi cameras that is viewable on a mobile app (accessible 24/7) and we use only use clean and sterile bedding. Trust me, we use the washer machine a lot! We are very particular of cleaning and sanitizing as the puppies only have a little immune system defense from their mother’s colostrum. We use hand sanitizer every time before we handle our puppies as well to prevent germ spreading. Cleaning is essential and it’s probably the most important task that needs to be done from day 1 on…!

When the pups are born, each puppy is given a different collar of their unique color to identify them. We do this to check daily to assure every puppy is growing and hopefully not losing any weight. Being meticulous is a key way to prevent potential issues!

The care and dedication is critical to make sure the puppies are thriving and also getting mentally and physically stimulated which is part of the early neurological program I follow. 

We handle the puppies literally every day, petting them and trimming their nails back (slightly} a few times a week to make sure they don’t hurt their mom and each other. The more we handle the puppies the more they thrive with human interaction as they get older!

Once the puppies can start hearing, we play a radio with music, classical and talk shows to give the puppies an early exposure to different noises. This is critical for their mental development.

As the puppies begin to walk and get their footing around 3 weeks old, the whelping area gets expanded so there is more room to allow the pups to get coordination and strength. It’s vital they have enough room get their strength and can begin exploring in a larger, safe area.

This is also the time I introduce different toys and textures, ropes, balls and even plastic bottles with pennies inside and sealed to make interesting noises. The puppies begin to smell and explore their new kingdom and this is when I can observe their new personalities!  Different flooring services are intentionally introduced so the puppies get acclimated to different surfaces and teaches them early not to worry about surfaces as they age!

Our kids are always with us (supervised) and our 2 boys adore the puppies. The instant love and interaction our kids have for the puppies is felt by the puppies and the love is reciprocated! (It’s critical to expose puppies to kids! Our dogs are with our kids from day 1!)

Around 5 weeks of age, our puppies are learning to eat and drink on their own, this is an important time to make sure they eat enough as they eat in a pack. We still weigh them to watch their weights!

The messy food all over their face gets wiped up after they make a huge mess.

During this age, the puppies graduate to an even larger space, giving the puppies ample room to play. As you can guess, once the puppies are beginning to eat solids, lots of cleaning occurs as they begin to potty a lot! We clean constantly to prevent germ exposure and it also teaches the puppies to want to stay clean!

Once our puppies are old enough to go to their new homes, our puppies have had an amazing head start in life with our careful preparation and care. They are socialized and ready to start their new journey, whether the puppy is a show dog or a companion!