Having a Doberman puppy is exciting and a memorable time. To enjoy every moment without the fears of  mishaps, I compiled a list of items I personally recommend for a Doberman puppy! This list is to ensure your puppy is kept safe in a loving, well-planned environment. Enjoy!


Plastic /Wire Crate. Crates are a must have! A safe, secure place whether you aren’t at home or when traveling in a vehicle. If you just buy 1 crate, bigger is better. I recommend/prefer a collapsible wire crate for several reasons; it’s easy to break down if needed, the sliding tray/pan is easier to clean than a plastic crate, the puppy/dog gets more air ventilation and you can snap water pails in the corner with ease. Also some have a removable wire divider which allows you to adjust the space for the puppy as it grows to prevent accidents – (sometimes too much room in a crate allows the puppy to potty at the other end of the crate) 

Stainless Steel Food Dishes and Water Pails. I use the two quart size. Dish washer safe and doesn’t rust! This also discourages the puppy to chew on the bowls and water pail.

Kurunda Brand Dog Cot. These beds come as pvc pipe framed and also aluminum. I love them because it keeps the puppy/dog off the ground which prevents sore joints and calluses! They are super easy to wash and practically indestructible. Their website is

Dog Food (Kibble) Vault. If you feed a kibble food, this is a must have. Keeps the food air tight, fresh, dry and ants/rodents cannot get in it. Super easy to clean when needed.  I recommend the size that can hold at least 40 lbs of food. I use the Gamma Vittles brand.

Grooming Table and Grooming Arm with a Neck Noose. My belief is, whether you have a show dog or a pet/companion, every Doberman owner should have this. It’s important to get the right kind! If you pay a little extra and get the better quality ones, it will literally last 20 plus years easily. The table/arm and noose gives a sturdy hand and is great for nail trimming/grinding, grooming and even necessary ear cleaning and wrapping! (NEVER leave a puppy or dog unattended on the table!!!). The table size I use is 36″ long that’s adjustable at the legs. The arm should be 24″ long and the noose has an adjustable loop with a bolt snap, 3/8″ x 18″.

Rotary Tool for Nail Grinding. Whether it’s a Dremel brand or a different similar brand, this tool is used for weekly nail care. I recommend a multi-speed tool that REQUIRES to be plugged in as you will get a steady power throughout its entire life of the tool unlike battery ones. The end attachment is a sanding drum that should be gritty enough to file away the nail at safe speeds.

Shampoo. There are so many shampoos on the market, find one that is pH balanced. I like a few different brands, always dilute the shampoo in a clean gallon jug and never use the shampoo “as is”/concentrated. I like Cowboy Magic horse shampoo also Malacetic medicated shampoo (soapless).

After Bath Spray. A nice spritz of a conditioning spray will leave a nice scent but more importantly it can condition the hair follicles and repel dirt/dust. I use Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine. Amazon sells it (I spray this product at full strength – a little goes a long way, don’t overuse).

Microfiber Bath Towels. These towels are great, super absorbent and holds a lot more water than traditional cotton towels. These towels will dry your dog much faster after a bath.

Microfiber Cloths. These cloths are so nice and soft and you can buy a large pack for cheap. They are used anytime I need to wipe dirt and dust off my dogs and including muddy paws.

Horsehair Finishing Brush. This brush is essential to enhance the dog’s coat shine by allowing the natural oils to be released from its skin. I recommend brushing several times a week plus your Dobe will love the bonding time and the sensation. These brushes can be found at horse tack stores and Amazon, make sure it’s not coarse and it’s SOFT.

Leather Leash. I personally prefer leather, it looks nicer and holds up longer. I like 6 foot leashes that aren’t wide, 1/2″ inch in width is suitable.

Flexi Brand Retractable Leash. If you travel and you stop at a rest stop or staying at a hotel with your Dobe, these retractable leashes come in handy to allow the dog to move out further to stretch his legs and also potty more freely. I also have mine on hand. I use the 16 foot one.

Collar. I only use collars when I travel with my dog, otherwise they are collar-free at home. Collars can be very attractive and the reflective ones are great when your Dobe is near roadways. Collars come in handy when you need to grab your dog in a hurry. You can aso have his tags on the collar for rabies and name identification if your dog gets away. You want to make sure the collar isn’t too loose or too tight and you can easily slide one finger between the skin and the collar.

Heartworm/Parasite Prevention. I like Interceptor Plus. A once a month chewable treat. It prevents heartworms, and treats and controls adult roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworm infections in dogs and puppies 6 weeks or older.

Flee/Tick Prevention. I recommend Nexguard. Only used for dogs, Nexguard is a once a month chewable treat that controls flees and ticks. (Note: Flees and ticks don’t live in frigid winter months)



Toys. This is a very delicate subject because you can really screw up if you aren’t careful. I am always playing it safe and never want to take chances that could ultimately harm my dogs by them ingesting a toy or a piece of a toy.

Chuck-it Balls. Medium size. My dogs’ favorite! I love the ones with a hole that whistles when you throw the ball. My dogs can chew and play on these without the concern of them eating it.

Natural Dog Bones/Shin Bones. These are great that encourages your puppy and dog to chew naturally. These bones will help teething puppies and also remove unwanted plaque/tartar off their teeth! I have used the plain sterile ones, the smoked and also ones with filling inside.

Sure Grow 100 (Lambert Kay Brand). This is a nutritional supplement (chewable tablet) formulated to promote optimal bone development in puppies and highly sought after by breeders when the puppy is teething as the puppy’s ears are wrapped.